Samuel de Broize-Ward founded the company in early 2016 following the passing of his late grandfather, Ken de Broize (1936-2016): an inspiring character and wood working enthusiast. In memory of his passing, Samuel decided to build his first truly custom stave snare drum; using his grandfathers tools and parts from his family home.​


This only resulted in a new addiction and drive to hone a new craft, further taking floorboards and old beams of wood, new construction methods and skills were developed. This sparked the reclamation of many items to build out of: from 60's Mahogany school tables, 70's Beech cabinets, early 1900's Oak furniture and  Sapele bar tops. Saving items from being scrapped and given them a new lease of life ultimately resulting in a truly unique instrument.

The UK produces around 4 million tonnes of timber waste a year, with roughly half of this being recycled. With a focus on sustainability and recycling, this project is a green initiative by using and making the most out of reclaimed and repurposed materials.


At De Broize Custom Drums, we take pride in building one of a kind drums from the most interesting sources. The snare drum is the most expressive part of the kit, you can convey many different feelings and emotions; it is how drummers can share their unique sound. It is only fair that the drums are as unique as the drummer using them.


Stave drums are considered one of the holy grail of snare drums. They are built up of solid segments instead of thin layers of ply's & glue. The vertical grain structure and increased mass provides more sustain and body to the overall sound. It results in more sensitivity, volume and tone.

We build drums from reclaimed and recycled materials. This often means that there is only a limited amount of useable material to work with. It results in more often than not, limited runs of drums from each source. Although, every drum will be a completely different dimension, further ensuring that each drum is unique. The perks of using recycled material has some benefits. On top of its potential sentimental value, it supports a green initiative: making the most of reusable material and reducing waste and decreasing a carbon footprint. The wood is already stabilised, after spending years as furniture or building material for example, the wood is already dry and structurally sound. There are the added character features of nail & screw holes, bleaching from metals and other signs of its previous life.

Every build is a new challenge dependant upon its origin. The first phase consists of identifying what material is stable & sound. Once items are dismantled, laid out and assessed, prep work can begin. At this point you move on to making sure all material is level & square, prepping the stock this way ensures accuracy, resulting in a stronger end product. 


After initial machining, the staves can be formed. This second phase consists of cutting the material to rough width, then the correct angles and finally cutting them to roughly the desired height. Once a dry test fit is done, the drum shell can then be glued up.

Phase three takes each shell from the barrel like figures you see left; to something that you'd expect for a drum, a cylinder. In this carving process, all drums at De Broize Custom Drums are turned by hand. Using custom made jigs, these shells are carved to a specific outer dimension and then carved to a relative thickness.

The next step involves forming the shell to its final height with the cutting of the bearing edges and cutting the snare beds by hand. The machine & hand sanding process then happens before the final finishing process. This varies from top oils, waxes & lacquers depending on the drum.

The final phase is the accurate layout, marking and drilling of the drum shell to then attach all the hardware, drumheads and any additional accessories. Once the drum has been dressed, the drum heads are seated, stretched and tuned, the drum is complete.


We are here to help you build the drum of your dreams!


Having you along every step of the way is part of the collaborative effort to create your own signature snare drum.


We will talk about your ideas for dimensions, type of woods, bearing edges, hardware & accessories.

We will discuss the origins and source material of your snare drum. This can be something sourced by us or by you.

We will document every process and keep you updated on every aspect of the build.

You will become a part of our family and our journey.

Enquire below.

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