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Samuel de Broize-Ward founded the company in early 2016 following the passing of his late grandfather, Ken de Broize; an inspiring character and wood-working enthusiast. In memory of his passing, Samuel decided to build his first truly custom stave snare drum; using his grandfathers tools and parts from his family home.​


This only resulted in a new addiction and drive to hone a new craft, further taking floorboards and old beams of wood, new construction methods and skills were developed. This sparked the reclamation of many items to build out of: from 60's Mahogany school tables, 70's Beech cabinets, early 1900's Oak furniture and  Sapele bar tops. Saving items from being scrapped and given them a new lease of life ultimately resulting in a truly unique instrument.

The UK produces around 4 million tonnes of timber waste a year, with roughly half of this being recycled. With a focus on sustainability and recycling, this project is a green initiative by using and making the most out of reclaimed and repurposed materials.

UKDrumShow 018 - Mark Liberty - 2019 09.

"Playing drums is all I’ve ever wanted to do," says Samuel de Broize. "But I never thought I’d be a drum builder." He also never thought he’d be chosen as the winner of our Flying Start competition for Starling business customers. "That was the biggest shock."

Starling Bank Blog - (Read the full article online)

At De Broize Custom Drums, we take pride in building one of a kind drums from the most interesting sources. The snare drum is the most expressive part of the kit, you can convey many different feelings and emotions; it is how drummers can share their unique sound. It is only fair that the drums are as unique as the drummer using them.


Stave drums are considered one of the holy grail of snare drums. They are built up of solid segments instead of thin layers of ply's & glue. The vertical grain structure and increased mass provides more sustain and body to the overall sound. It results in more sensitivity, volume and tone.



Runner Up in Drum Magazine's Annual Gear Awards Readers Poll.

DRUM MAGAZINE / Readers Poll / Annual Gear Awards 2018

drum-magazine-drummies- gear-awards-2018

"The shell is rock solid and feels like it will stand the test of time as much as a snare drum as it did a cabinet."

RHYTHM MAGAZINE / Tom Bradley / Beech Snare Review



A Flying Start Business Competition



"All three drums are dynamically sensitive. Each has a wide tuning span, so all three drums will cope with a diverse range of musical styles."

RHYTHM MAGAZINE / Geoff Nicholls / Black Walnut Snare Review


"The polished, weathered look of reclaimed wood is immediately striking, and as a custom shop, De Broize works with drummers to make drums out of wood that has as much sentimental value as it does sonic value."

DRUM MAGAZINE / Nick Grizzle / Meet Your Maker Interview


"Articulation is also second to none with these drums. they feel and sound great at all dynamic levels. Everything from the softest ghost notes to full on rimshots felt very easy and responsive."

DRUMMERS REVIEW / Adam 'Nolly' Getgood / Snare Review

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