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"From an old solid wood cabinet to a beautiful reclaimed masterpiece! You can feel Sam’s tireless attention to detail in every aspect of this drum. I’ve been lucky enough to play with it over the past month in multiple different musical settings. It’s clear, consistent crack carries a warm, whole tone that is absolutely perfect for any studio session! 


I put it through its paces as the heart of the heavy rock group ‘Still’, for several rehearsals and two recording sessions at Snap Studios. I was blown away by its response. For this project I usually crank my 1960’s Ludwig 402 Supraphonic up a couple turns to ensure my back beat really cuts through the guitar noise. I followed the same principle with my temporary ‘beech babe’, she didn’t disappoint. It stayed perfectly in tune and didn’t let up for hours of hard hitting.

I’ve also used it in a live scenario with an underground pop project called ‘Gana’. Gana recently released an album, in which I used a full and richly round snare sound. Tuned lower to find more of a ‘buzzy thuddy’ 2 and 4. Gana’s rehearsals and launch show was interwoven with the Still sessions which really showed the snares versatility vividly as I could seamlessly slide in to the desired thud recorded in the album. 


Previously I have never been fully satisfied with the tone I could achieve in similar settings when using a wooden snare but this divine drum managed to shelve my beloved 402 for weeks... (first time I’ve said that out loud) and I’m now subsequently turned on to wooden snares and a possible life outside the 402!


So from thud to crack I really would encourage anyone to give this sensational piece of craftsmanship a smack. It won’t come from a factory, it’ll come from Sam’s healing hands as he makes use of the amazing materials we already have on this rock. I’m saving up to add this beauty to my collection, if you get there first enjoy her for me!"

London based session drummer released a debut album with Gana titled 'In Greode', out now online


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