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"I have just had the absolute pleasure of using the De Broize Custom Drums 14 x 7.5 Beech 'Monarch' snare for The Royal Tour in June this year, and I am utterly in awe of what they have produced. As soon as I saw the snare I knew that hours upon hours of hard work had gone into creating this masterpiece, and it had been made with true care and passion for the craft. The finish on this snare is satin black (exactly like my own kit which I instantly fell in love with), and has an incredibly durable and solid feel to it. 

The 'Monarch' snare has a sound that I can only describe as explosive, and is completely at home playing my style of heavy hitting, riffy, dark indie/rock music. The drum was incredibly dynamic and versatile; it felt in it’s element being put through it’s paces with heavy hits, yet equally at home with ghost notes and more intricate chops. The snare fit straight into my setup, and from the moment I picked it up it was ready to go and abuse some ear drums on tour! Trust me when I say the 14 x 7.5 is an absolute cannon, and a drum that I'd love to get my hands on again!


This snare was made from an old beech cabinet from the 1960s, and it truly has its own sense of character and heritage. De Broize Customs drums have done it again, and have created something that is extremely comfortable to play, with a sound that is completely unique to anything I have ever heard before.  The company slogan, 'Unique history, true identity, rare character' is completely right, and I'm excited to see/hear what monsters they create next.  Huge compliments and thank you to the company for allowing me to thoroughly enjoy their work on our tour, and I would recommend any drummer out there to check out De Broize Custom Drums! Big love to the team x"

Based in the Midlands, this power trio produce a potent cocktail of madness and mayhem, mixed with infectious melodies and punchy choruses. Latest single ‘You Got Me’ out now on Spotify.



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