Samuel de Broize-Ward founded the company in early 2016 following the passing of his late grandfather, Ken de Broize (1936-2016): an inspiring character and wood working enthusiast. In memory of his passing, Samuel decided to build his first truly custom stave snare drum; using his grandfathers tools and parts from his family home.​


This only resulted in a new addiction and drive to hone a new craft, further taking floorboards and old beams of wood, new construction methods and skills were developed. This sparked the reclamation of many items to build out of: from 60's Mahogany school tables, 70's Beech cabinets, early 1900's Oak furniture and  Sapele bar tops. Saving items from being scrapped and given them a new lease of life ultimately resulting in a truly unique instrument.

The UK produces around 4 million tonnes of timber waste a year, with roughly half of this being recycled. With a focus on sustainability and recycling, this project is a green initiative by using and making the most out of reclaimed and repurposed materials.


"The polished, weathered look of reclaimed wood is immediately striking, and as a custom shop, De Broize works with drummers to make drums out of wood that has as much sentimental value as it does sonic value."

Nicolas Grizzle - DRUM! Magazine

"Learning to build drums has been an extremely fulfilling yet arduous task. The learning process has frankly been quite tricky, with lots of trial and error. Yet these failures have only demanded perseverance and many improvements. The first drum I made was mostly handcarved round both inside and out, from the shell to the bearing edges. It was built through grief and is very special to me. You can see that the shell thickness is massive, it provides the drum with a more thuddy sound. I didn’t know what to expect as it was my first step in crafting drums. As I wanted to learn more and better myself in this field, I started to build jigs for carving the shells with power tools. Using construction lumber and scraps, I made the first prototypes to get the job done. I literally used a floor tom leg as an axle for carving..." 

Excerpt from 'GROWING PAINS' in Issue 2 of our Zine.

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