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Since #blackouttuesday I have been taking time offline to reflect and educate myself on the issues that affect so many POC in today's society.

As many people seek to diversify their feed and elevate black voices, I would like to share with you the accounts of some truly talented drummers and musicians who have actively supported me throughout my journey in this industry.

Please take the time to follow share and listen to their incredible work.


Matty Brown

Dexter Hercules

Jermaine Whyte

Jon Tuitt

Stephen Asamoa-Duah

Josh 'McKnasty' McKenzie

Jessie Grant

Anthony Lewis

Jamaal Smith

Eddie Frimpong

Femi Bello

Nathan Griffin

Zach Okonkwo

Shen Jospeh

Jas Kayser

Gregton Cameron

Triston Dubison

Dami Ogunyemi

Daniel Letman

EJ Smartt

Nathaniel Sackey

Daniel Barnett

Matthew Roberts

Angel Silvera

Jordon Johnson

Levi Yarde

Iziah Yarde

Tobi Adinaike

Chrio Blake

Paul Runzo

Luke Bambi

Daniel D John

Joshua Ayensu

Elyona Binney


Melvin Moyo

Marley Drumond

Mark Letman

Hannah Montrose

Emmanuel Nwamadi


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