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INTERVIEW: Triston Dubison

Triston tried almost every snare we brought to The UK Drum Show 2019. He is someone with a clear image on what he wants, when it comes to the drums, he plays with an exciting group called 'Balimaya Project'. A diverse band with an array of world instruments and influences. Triston is the proud owner of this 14"x6" Beech stave snare drum. He picked it up in the Kickstarter special for Issue 3 of our Zine.


"My Beech snare is an amazing snare with a warm tone and great versatility. Tuned high or low the craftsmanship shines through giving the snare its own unique and responsive sounds."


Firstly I’d love to know your drumming story; how did you start and develop?

I started showing interest in drums at church and asked the drummer to teach me. I had around 3 lessons and he moved to Sweden. From there I've just been watching and listening to every drummer, trying to soak everything up like a sponge.

How would you describe your playing style?

My playing really depends on how I feel when im playing. But usually my style is groove playing and imagination.

What artists / drummers have inspired you? Who has had the most impact on your playing?

This list could go on for years, but my top five; Mike Mitchell, Justin Brown, Ronald Bruner Jr, Thomas Pridgen and Thundercat. Ronald Bruner Jr and Thundercat have made the biggest impact on how I see music. They really opened my eyes.

You work in a band called the Balimaya Project, talk us through this collective?

Balimaya Project is a family. Its an 11 piece band that plays Mande music. We are aiming to inspire, inform, empower and create. There is more African music other than Afrobeats etc. We are trying to show that folkloric music and culture can coexist with contemporary trends.

In a very busy band, how do you write parts?

Mostly trial and error. But essentially its listening and understanding yours and everyone's part and position in the music.

What do you do to stay creative?

Make music, practise and watch drum videos. Sometimes I draw, I like working out also which helps strengthen your mind aswell as your body. To stay creative you got to be creative.

Could you talk us through your setup and how you’ve utilised the snare?

My current set up for Balimaya Project is a snare, floor tom and 3/4 cymbals. As we are an 11 piece band I wanted to play on less drums to give space to the music. My 14" Birch snare plays a vital position in my set up. Its warm high tones resonate with the music perfectly it also versatile and sounds great tuned low. So its an allrounder. Saves having to bring two snare to every gig. I might change it a little for recording.

How did you discover De Broize Custom Drums and what were your first impressions?

I first heard De Broize Custom Drums at the Drum Show in Manchester. There was a snare i fell in love with and at that moment I knew this company was something special.

Can you give us an in-depth review of your De Broize snare?

My Beech snare is an amazing snare with a warm tone and great versatility. Tuned high or low the craftsmanship shines through giving the snare its own unique and responsive sounds.

What can we expect from you in the future? New music? New bands? What are your ambitions?

Im currently recording an album with Balimaya which we hope to release next year. Ive also got my band rehearsing and preparing for our debut gig. Youll see my name on a few albums and EPs releasing next year. Keep up to date with my socials to find out more. My ambitions are to be as busy as the greats like Chris Dave and Dennis Chambers, recording and performing as much as possible.


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