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REVIEW: Joe Wood

I don’t know how much these drums cost, because I was lucky enough to borrow one for free (perks of having a friend who make drums!).

Surprisingly, having been a drummer since I was around 15 years old (meaning I’ve been playing now for 12 years - I’ll let you do the maths), I’m actually not that much of a gear head compared to some drummers I know. Although, this aside I do know what I like and what I don’t, so this made the opportunity of borrowing a De Broize custom snare an exciting prospect.

The idea that you can make a snare drum to such a high standard from an old table is pretty astounding and really bloody impressive, but to be able to do so convincingly is even more remarkable. I think it gives the drums a real sense of character and charm.

The snare not only has a really smashing appearance - the one I have is a lovely deep walnut type finish - but the sound also stands up alongside some of the big guns on the market with ease. Talking of the appearance, the badge/logo was a personal favourite touch of mine, but generally speaking the attention to detail is second to none; a good example is the snare wires being made from brass.

Overall, I’d be absolutely chuffed to own this snare drum!


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